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Roses That Look Like Peonies

Several rose species available today mix the lush look of old English and French roses with the vigorousness and consistent performance of modern hybrid roses. These are roses that share the round and double-petal characteristics of peony blooms. Most of these lush roses share lineage with Bourbon and Damask roses that is visible in their slightly cupped shape and dense interior petal formation.

'Rosa Graham Thomas'

'Graham Thomas' is a modern hybrid rose developed by David Austin. It is a double-petal flower head in creamy yellow that is lightly fragrant. It is a shrub rose that also will thrive as a climbing rose but produces stems sturdy enough for cutting and arranging.

'Rosa Winchester Cathedral'

'Winchester Cathedral' is a pure, creamy white blooming version of the famous David Austin 'Mary Rose' and holds a pronounced fragrance. It is a double-flowering head with a slightly cupped and full shape. This is a shrub rose that produces stems ideal for cut arrangements.

'Rosa Heritage'

'Heritage' is a shell pink double-petal rose also by the famous hybridizer David Austin. It is cupped in form and has a pronounced fragrance said to be reminiscent of citrus fruit and honey. It is a summer- and fall-blooming shrub rose that also can be trained onto a trellis. It sports stems strong enough for use in cut flower arrangements.

'Rosa Madame Ernest Calvat'

'Madame Ernest Calvat' is a pale lavender, double-petal Bourbon rose. It grows in a shrub format and is a very old rose related to 'Madame Isaac Pereire,' which has deeper purple blooms. It is famous for its fragrance and can be trained to grow as a climbing rose.

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