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How to Fertilize African Violets With Epsom Salts

Fertilizing your African violets with epsom salts sounds a bit counterintuitive as most plants do not respond well to salt water. The truth is that epsom salts do not contain actual salt but do contain the trace mineral salts sulfur and magnesium that boost bloom in flowering plants. Applied once per month epsom salts will help trigger bloom in your violets and be a good companion to your African violet specialty fertilizer.

Dissolve two tablespoons of epsom salts in one gallon of tepid water in a watering can or pitcher. Swish or swirl the salts in the water to dissolve them and combine the two.

Hold the African violet plant pot over the sink and pour the mixture under the leaves drenching the soil but keeping the leaves dry. Allow all of the excess epsom solution to drain away before placing the pot back in its tray or decorative container.

Repeat this application once per month in lieu of a regular watering session.

Fertilize A Garden With Epsom Salts

All plants need the magnesium and sulfur provided by Epsom salts, but most plants get enough sulfur from prepared fertilizers and from acid rain, which is common throughout North America. More plants lack magnesium, and Epsom salts provides plants with a quick and easily accessible source of that nutrient, especially when you apply the product in a liquid form. Use a dose of about 1 tablespoon of Epsom salts to 1 gallon of water and spray the plant's leaves until they are wet, starting when the leaves first appear in the spring and again about four times during the growing season, or about once a month for most plants. Although sprinkling Epsom salts directly on the ground does not allow your plants to absorb magnesium as quickly as they would if you dissolved the salts, it is still an effective method for plants whose roots are not too shallow.

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