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How to Move Hosta Plants

Hostas are a perennial plant that is a gardener's favorite, as they are easy to care for. Unlike many other plants, hostas do well in shaded areas of the lawn or garden, which makes them a popular ornamental. If you have hostas, there may come a time when you need to move some of them, whether it is to spread them out a bit or to see if they will thrive better in another area of the lawn. Moving hostas is quite simple, and takes very little time.

Wait until the hosta shoots are 2 inches above the ground in the spring. Moving them in the spring is easier because of their size, but if spring has come and gone and you still want to move your hostas, you can proceed with Steps 2 through 5 as well.

Dig the hostas out of the ground with a spade or shovel. Dig down 12 inches to not destroy the root ball. If you have older and larger hostas, you may want to go down 18 inches.

Separate the hostas at this point, if you plan to break up the clump. To do this, gently use your fingers to pull one set of shoots away from the others. Place the hosta plants in a bucket of soil until you have dug the new holes, but don't leave them out of the ground for more than 4 hours, as this can cause them to dry out.

Dig the new hole, or holes, where you will be transplanting the hostas. The holes should be the same depth as the root section of the hostas you are planting.

Place the hostas in their hole and fill in with dirt. Tap down on the dirt around the replanted hostas in order to make sure the plants are firmly in place, then water the plants and tap down once again. If you did not pack the roots with enough dirt, when you water the plant it will appear as if some of the dirt has "sunk" into the ground. Place more dirt around the plants and tap firmly once more.


If hostas are not growing well where they are, you do not have to wait until spring to move them. Follow the directions in Steps 2 through 5 and move anytime of the year.


Do not plant hostas where they will receive bright sun or complete darkness. Hostas can tolerate speckled sun, but need cool temps and water to thrive.

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