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How to Make a Floral Casket Blanket

A floral casket blanket which is also known as the casket saddle or spray is one of the three most significant pieces that is made for the funeral. The blanket is made to honor a family member. The casket blanket is placed on the foot end of the open casket or center of the closed one. A gardener that has floral arranging experience can make a casket blanket which will save hundreds of dollars. The flowers must be cut early in the morning when they are nutrient filled and hardened off in a cool dark room before the blanket is assembled.

Soak the Oasis floral foam in water for several hours to fully saturate the block. Place soaked foam block into the casket saddle. Oasis and a casket saddle piece can be found in a store that sells floral craft supplies.

Insert 12 to 18 inch long pieces of greenery along the bottom edges of the foam. The greenery should extend out and rest upon the work surface.

Cut the stems of line flowers such as gladiolus, delphinium, stock, snapdragons or Bells of Ireland on a slant with a sharp paring or butcher knife. The slanted cut enables the stem to continue to draw in more water. Insert the line flowers into the bottom and center area of the foam block.

Cut and insert mass flowers such as hydrangea, peony, carnations, lily, iris, sunflowers, roses or daisies in to the foam. The mass flowers can be placed over and above the line flowers. They will give the large arrangement more substance. Add mass flowers to the top sides and center of the foam. Fill in the arrangement with short pieces of greenery to make sure that all of the foam is hidden.

Cut stems of filler flowers including babies breath, statice, aster, Queen Anne's lace, bridal wreath or feverfew and add the wisps into the spaces between flowers. Step back to look over the arrangement to see where filler flowers are needed. Stand over the blanket and check the top and back for empty spaces.

Use the glitter glue pen to write Beloved Mother, Our Father, Precious Son or other meaningful message on a piece of the ribbon or lace. The words can be divided on two pieces of the ribbon. For example, write Beloved on one piece and Daughter on the second piece of ribbon. Let the glue dry for at least an hour or more. Attach the other end of the ribbon to a wired stick and insert it into the foam. Drape the ribbon down the front of the casket spray or up across the center of it.


If time is available, soak the Oasis overnight for a fully saturated foundation. Write the words on the ribbons before building the arrangement to ensure that they are thoroughly dry before inserting them into the casket spray.


Flowers must be hardened off or they will likely wilt.

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