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The Best Sit-On Lawn Mowers

By Carlye Jones ; Updated September 21, 2017

Choosing a sit-on or riding lawn mower can be daunting, especially with the many choices and options available, such as automatic or manual transmission, and ability to maneuver versus cutting width. While each manufacturer will be sure to point out the high points of their own mower, consumer reviews provide a little more insight into the best choice of sit-on lawn mowers.

John Deere X304

ConsumerSearch.com named the John Deere X304 riding lawn mower one of the top picks based on reviews from Consumer Reports, Consumer Affairs, The Daily Telegraph and others. This mower, which can also perform a variety of other functions such as mulching, has an automatic transmission and four-wheel steering, giving it a tight turning radius. It is one of the upper-end models, and the extras make the difference. John Deere offers a four-year or 300-hour warranty on the X304, which covers nearly every part except the tires and battery. The X304 also offers an adjustable seat, cup holders and easy height-cut control knob to make its use easy and comfortable.

Poulan PXT 16542

The Poulan PXT 16542 is the top-rated value sit-on lawn mower. Although it doesn't have the extra features of more expensive mowers, it is reliable, simple to operate and cuts lawns well. Consumers gave it high marks for light jobs. The PXT 16542 has a 42-inch wide cutting path and a low-back seat. It also has 16.5 horsepower. The transmission is manual, but is still easy to operate. This riding mower also has a dependable Briggs & Stratton engine.

Toro Timecutter Z4200

A mid-priced sit-on or riding mower, the Toro Timecutter Z4200 received high marks for ability to maneuver, speed and even cutting. As a zero-turn mower, the Toro is not made for use on hilly lawns, but it is top-rated for residential lawns with grades less than 10 degrees. Toro touts the mower as a way to cut mowing time without sacrificing cut quality. It features a three-year warranty and can move at speeds of up to 7 miles per hour while still cutting evenly. This mower has an adjustable seat, cup holder and foot rest for user comfort.