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Varieties of Azalea Plants

Azalea plants are flowering shrubs part of the Rhododendron family. There are around 800 species and over 10,000 types of azaleas. Species azaleas are reproduced through seeds, but varieties do not reproduce true from a seed. They are propagated from stem cuttings creating a clone plant of the parent. All this selection in azalea plant types creates a variety of plant growing conditions, sizes, blossom colors and blooming times.


Orange-flowering azaleas come in an intense orange color to a light salmon orange color. Some orange blossom varieties are Don’s Variegated, Double Pleasure, Chickasaw, Florida Flame Orange, Sagittarius, Great Expectations and Bill Bullard.


Pink azaleas produce blossoms that are the palest pink to a deep, hot pink. Types to try are Rosa Cottingham, Phlox Pink, Varnadoe’s Pink, Cedar Lane, Lady Barbara, Late Date, Betty Cummins, Duchess of Cypress, George L. Tabor, Lavender, Coral Bells, Pink Ruffles, Piedmont, Wakaebisu, Satin Robe, Higasa, Linearifolium, Kobai and Nancy of Robin Hill.


Red blossoms on azaleas show up with a deep red color on the petals. Red azaleas are Harrison Red, Pride of Mobile, Red, Red Ruffles, Bob Hill, Balsaminiflorum, Hinode Giri, Cinderella, Mariana Lee, Elizabeth Gable, Midnight Flare and Autumn Embers.


Purple-flowered azaleas appear as light lavender to a dark purple. Look for Happy Days, Koromo Shikibu, Formosa, George Lindley Tabor, Zulu, May Blaine, Conversation Piece, Rosebud, Big Joe and Autumn Amethyst.


Yellow blooms are pale-nearly-white to a brilliant yellow flower. More types are Moon Beam, Memory of James Thompson, York, Millie Mac, Austrinum Gold, Escatawpa, Greenville Gold, Aunt Ida, Coleman’s Sunshine, My Mary, Florida Flame Yellow, Ambrosia, Olga Niblett and Beth Bulard,


White-colored blooms vary in petal shape and size. Some azaleas with white flowers are Double Deal, Angel’s Lace, Cedar Lane, Fly Catcher, GG Gerbing, Gumpo White, Snow, Delaware Valley White, White Rosebud, Polaris, Hardy Gardenia and Ralph Pennington.

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