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How to Adjust the Steering on My Craftsman Lawn Tractor

Over time the alignment on your Craftsman lawn tractor may need to be adjusted. Driving over uneven terrain, going through holes in your yard, changing from one level to the next (going from the lawn to pavement or concrete) are some things that may affect the alignment of your steering wheel. There is no adjustment lever to quickly adjust the steering on a Craftsman lawn tractor. You will need to manually adjust the front wheels and steering wheel in order to align the front end.

Park your lawn tractor on a hard, level surface. Set the parking brake and disengage the mower blades. Place bricks behind the rear wheels of the lawn tractor. Remove the spark plug wire from the spark plug and set it aside so that it will not touch the spark plug.

Remove the plastic cover over the center of the steering wheel exposing 3/8 inch lock nut. Use the ratchet with the appropriate socket (3/8 inch) to remove the lock nut and flat washer beneath it, exposing the steering wheel adapter.

Adjust the front wheels so that they are pointing forward. Use your hands to move the wheels into position. Move the steering wheel so that the cross bars are horizontal.

Place the flat washer over the steering wheel adapter. Secure in place with the 3/8 inch lock nut. Tighten the lock nut with the ratchet and 3/8 inch socket.

Reconnect the spark plug wire to the spark plug. Remove the bricks from behind the rear wheels. Test drive the lawn tractor. If the steering is still not correct, adjust the wheels and steering wheel again. If the problem persists contact your local authorized dealer.

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