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How to Apply Scotts Weed & Feed

Scotts has two different weed and feed products: Scotts Lawn Pro Super Turf Builder with Plus 2 Weed Control, and Scotts Super Bonus S Weed and Feed. (As with other chemical lawn applications you must be sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions). Weed and feed does just that--it feeds the lawn to promote root growth and lawn density, and also kills dandelions and other lawn weeds. Scotts Plus 2 should only be used twice during the growing season, and when dandelions and other lawn weeds are growing. The Super Bonus can be applied anytime weeds are growing. Be sure to read the packaging label as both products can be harmful to certain types of grass and should not be used on them.

Check the weather forecast before applying the Scotts product. Rain should not be forecasted for at least 24 hours after applying the fertilizer. Do not water your lawn for 24 hours after applying the weed and feed. Also, the fertilizer should be applied when there is little or no wind--otherwise there is a possibility that the fertilizer will be blown on plants and shrubs.

Check the grass to make sure that it is slightly wet from the morning dew. If the grass is dry you will need to sprinkle it lightly before applying the fertilizer. The moisture enables the fertilizer to stick to the blades of grass and to the weeds.

Set the gauge on the spreader according to the setting gauge chart on the bag of Scotts Weed and Feed. There are two types of spreaders, rotary or broadcast spreaders and drop spreaders. The spreaders have settings on them to control how much fertilizer is dropped. The correct setting will be listed on the fertilizer bag.

Fill the hopper with fertilizer. Fill it while on a sidewalk or driveway as you do not want to get a concentrated amount of fertilizer on the lawn should you spill some.

Apply the fertilizer following the directions on your spreader. Do not overlap your application as it will apply too much fertilizer in one area and there is a possibility of burning the grass. Do not stop in one spot with the release lever open, as this will also send a concentrated amount of fertilizer in one spot--burning the grass.

When the lawn is complete, sweep away any fertilizer that has gotten on the sidewalk or driveway. Also, rinse out your spreader and allow it to dry.


Wash your hands thoroughly after working with fertilizer. Grass should not touch the bottom of the spreader when applying the fertilizer. Therefore, be sure to mow any tall grass before putting down the weed and feed. Do not apply to newly seeded lawns.


Keep children and pets off of the grass after applying fertilizer for at least 24 hours (until after you water the lawn).

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