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The Best Dwarf Tomato Plants

Dwarf tomatoes are popular for growing in hanging baskets, containers and anywhere garden space is limited. They are very compact and can be grown in small pots. Some are so small, they can be raised in a kitchen window. The fruits come in red and yellow varieties and range from more acidic to sweeter, with less acid. Several varieties are widely grown and relatively easy to raise at home.

Tiny Tim and Cherry Gold

The Tiny Tim tomato is a very small dwarf determinate variety that grows to about 16 inches. The fruits take about 45 days to ripen. They grow to about 1 inch in diameter and are red cherry in color. Tiny Tims are so small they usually don't need to be supported. They tolerate cooler temperatures well. Cherry Gold is the yellow variety of Tiny Tim.

Red Robin

Because Red Robin tomato plants only grow to about a foot tall, they are considered truly miniature tomato plants. They are so small, that they can easily be grown in a window box in relatively low light conditions. The plants are very prolific producers of fruit, which are small, about 1 inch in diameter, and take about 55 days to mature. Red Robin tomatoes have a mild taste.

Yellow Canary

The Yellow Canary tomato is very similar to the Red Robin in that it reaches only about a foot in height and can also grow well in low light. The fruit will mature in 55 days and has a mild, sweet flavor, the same as the Red Robin. There is one obvious exception. The fruits are bright yellow.

Patio F Hybrid

Patio F Hybrid tomatoes are among the taller of the dwarf varieties, growing to about 2 feet. They are very compact and make a good container plant. Maturing in about 65 days, the fruits are relatively large, often growing as big as tennis balls. The weight of the fruit on Patio F Hybrids may require that the plant may need to be supported.

Small Fry

The Small Fry tomato is a dwarf variety that grows bright red, 1 inch fruits in clusters of 7 or 8. Unlike many other varieties, the Small Fry fruits continuously. It takes about 70 days to mature. This tomato variety is good for planting in hanging baskets.

Micro varieties

Developed at the University of Florida, the micro varieties are truly diminutive. The first micro variety of dwarf tomatoes created was the Micro-Tom. It is called the world's smallest tomato variety for good reason, growing only 8 inches high. Micro-Tina is another UF variety that is a bit sweeter and less acidic than Micro-Tom. Micro-Gold and Micro-Gemma are yellow fruit varieties, similar in size to the Micro-Tom.

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