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How to Remove the Deck on a Craftsman Lawn Tractor

In order to attach pull-behind tillers, snow blades, snow throwers or other available attachments on your Craftsman lawn tractor, you must first remove the mowing deck. This is necessary because the lift lever that is required to raise and lower your mower deck also raises and lowers other attachments. Craftsman lawn tractor mower decks are designed to be easily removed and reattached.

Park your lawn tractor on a level surface such as a driveway or sidewalk. Engage the parking brake and disengage the mower blades. Turn the engine off and remove the key. Use the lift lever to lower the mower deck to its lowest possible position. Place bricks behind the rear tires to prevent the mower from rolling.

Walk to the left side of the lawn tractor. Position (left, right, front and back) is determined by the operating position (sitting in the seat, facing forward). Position yourself so you can view the underside of the lawn tractor. Remove the drive belt from the engine pulley, using your hands to slide it off.

Remove the cotter key (sometimes called cotter pins or retainer springs) that connects the clutch to the clutch rod. Do this using pliers. Grasp the cotter key in the end of the pliers and with a firm grasp on the handle, pull the cotter key. The clutch rod is located on the left underside of the lawn tractor body.

Disconnect the anti-sway bar from the chassis bracket. Use pliers to remove the cotter key. The anti-sway bar is located at the rear of the mower deck.

Disconnect the suspension arms from the deck brackets. Remove the cotter key with pliers. The deck brackets are centrally located near the front of the mower deck.

Remove the cotter keys that connect the front links with the pliers. Front links are located on the front side of the mower deck.

Raise the attachment lever; this lifts the suspension arms to its highest setting. Carefully slide the mower deck from beneath the body of the tractor.

Place all cotter keys in a plastic cup. Place the plastic cup in your tool box. This will prevent losing cotter keys.

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