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How to Get Rid of Stickers From the Lawn

Few things can keep your family from enjoying your lawn like stickers. Whether they're piercing through your pants or hitching a ride on the dog to lay in wait in the carpet for bare feet, lawn stickers are a nuisance. Thankfully, getting rid of them is a fairly straightforward process. With just a bit of vigilance and ingenuity, you'll be back to walking barefoot in the grass in no time.

Uproot any of the parent plants that you can find. Sticker plants can be a pretty aggressive plant, so be sure to remove their root systems or they will grow back.

Mow the lawn low, then bag and throw away the lawn clippings. Do not add them to your compost pile.

Remove the stickers from your lawn. An easy way to do this is to drag an old, throwaway blanket (or throwaway carpet squares) over the lawn--the more loose fibers the blanket has, the better. Another option is to wrap an old dish towel over the barrel of a sod roller and roll it over the lawn.

Repeat steps 1 through 3 as needed.

Rid Of Stickers In The Yard

Yard stickers are really burs that come from sandburs. The stickers have many pointy ends that are sharp to the touch. Unfortunately, they can also attach themselves to your pet's fur. That can be painful for your pet. If your yard is full of stickers, you will want to take action to remove them so that you can once again enjoy your yard. Turn on your garden hose and water your lawn. A well watered yard encourages grass to grow. Nice, thick grass can suffocate the sandburs and stop them from thriving in your yard. You want to get the roots so that the weed does not grow back the following year. Take a remnant, piece of carpeting, and run it back and forth over your lawn.

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