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How to Adjust a Clutch Brake on a Snapper Mower

Performing regular maintenance on your Snapper mower is in keeping with any warranties that you have. Regular maintenance also ensures that your mower is running properly at all times. Check belts, oil and fuel before and after each use and at the beginning of each mowing season. The clutch brake on a Snapper mower should be checked periodically to ensure that it is properly adjusted. If it is not adjusted correctly you will have problems shifting gears and stopping the mower.

Park your Snapper mower on a level surface. Disengage the blades and place the mower in park. Remove the spark plug wire and place the wire so that it will not touch the spark plug.

Place bricks behind the tires to prevent the mower from rolling. Disengage or release the parking brake.

Measure the height of the clutch rod spring between the insides of the washer. It should measure between 1 3/16 inches and 1 5/16 inches for hydro models and 2 to 2 1/8 inches for gear models. Loosen the nut on top to extend the spring, tighten to shorten it. To locate the clutch rod spring follow the rod that extends from the clutch/brake pedal.

Pull the brake rod forward. The brake rod needs to be as far forward as possible. Adjust the brake rod nut so that the gap between the back of the nut and the guide the rod is inserted into is 3/8 inch. Tighten or loosen the nut as necessary.

Set The Drive Clutch On A Snapper Riding Mower

Put on gloves and safety glasses and park your Snapper riding mower on a flat, hard surface, such as a driveway or garage floor. Turn off the ignition key and remove it. Clean any debris or grease off the PTO drive clutch with a towel. There are three nylon adjustment nuts on the bottom of the drive clutch with a slot underneath each one. Insert a.012 to.015 inch feeler gauge in one of the three slots. Adjust the other two nylon nuts in the same manner. Replace the spark plug boot on the spark plug. Insert the ignition key and turn it right to start the mower. Allow the mower to warm up for about a minute. Turn the PTO drive clutch off. The blades should stop turning within five seconds.

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