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The Best Cover Over Grass Seed

A light application of salt hay makes an ideal mulch for just-sown grass seed. It covers large areas inexpensively, prevents seed from blowing away and doesn't sprout weeds. If you can afford it, or for smaller areas, use manure or compost instead to both protect the seed and feed the soil.

Cover An Area Of Grass Seed I Just Planted If Heavy Rains Are Coming?

Grass seed can take from five to 30 days to germinate depending on variety and soil temperature. The warmer the soil, the more quickly the seed sprouts. Seed must be kept consistently moist until it sprouts or it won't germinate. Note that straw and hay can contain weed seeds that germinate along with your grass seed. On slopes where washouts are more likely, you can cover your grass seed with a pressed-straw erosion mat, biodegradable burlap or even garden row-cover fleece -- all pinned down around the edges with landscape staples.

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