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Square Flower Garden Ideas

By Victoria Bailey ; Updated September 21, 2017

Flower gardens lately have taken on a free-flowing and curved approach to design. If your only space is square, or if you simply want a more geometric approach to garden design, there are still some eye-catching ways to set up a flower bed. Go back to geometry class and find all the different and attractive ways to separate a square into different colored sections, and plant a square flower garden with those designs.

Concentric Circles

Separate your square into ever-smaller squares. Make concentric rows of contrasting flowers of the same height. Rows of white and purple petunias work well with this design. Alternatively, you can choose larger and larger flower varieties, with the shortest on the outside and the tallest in the middle. Marigolds to sunflower would be a good choice in yellows and golds.


A simple design that will work for a children's garden as well as an attractive one for adult gardeners, is a stripe pattern. Colors must be contrasting, such as blue and white or red, white and blue. Keep each stripe the same width and allow the plants to grow thickly for the best effect with this design.


If you have two contrasting colors, such as purple and yellow, make a Greek key or maze design. A simple maze can be made in a 6 by 6 foot garden, but when fully grown the design can be striking. Use only two colors and the same variety of flower for this design.


If you quilt, or if you admire any quilt designs, you can find an almost infinite variety of patterns for a square garden. Flip through any quilt catalog or magazine and you can see dozens to start with. Take a favorite quilt pattern, from Irish Chain to Carpenter's Wheel, pick flowers in corresponding colors and carefully plant the sections. When the plants are fully grown and blooming, the quilt design will be revealed.


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