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How to Send Flowers to a Funeral Home

To express sympathy during the loss of a loved one, many people choose to send flowers to the funeral home where the funeral services are held. This can be a difficult and stressful process if you are located out of town and cannot attend the service or have limited time to arrive at the service. In order to prevent any problems, you will need to know how to send the flowers to the funeral home as quickly and in as good a condition as possible.

Contact the funeral home that is in charge of the funeral service and ask for a florist that they recommend or work with frequently. Do this as soon as you find out where the service will be held. Ask the funeral director if it will be a graveside service, a church or chapel service or a cremation. Most funeral homes in charge of the service will collect the flowers that are sent, then take them to the graveside service. Also, they will take flowers to the church, if the service is held at a church, if the church allows flowers on the alter. Ask the funeral director what they are capable of doing as far as transporting flowers if the service in not being held at the funeral home.

Call the recommended florist to place your order. Never place a funeral order on-line because the chances of the florist having exactly what is in the picture you see is unlikely. The florist may already know about the service, but just in case, inform the florist the name of the deceased and the time, date of the service or visitation and the name of the funeral home. A funeral home can have several services going on at one time and flower arrangements can get mixed up at the shop or when they arrive at the funeral home.

Tell the florist what your relationship is with the deceased because family, friend and professional colleague arrangements are designed differently.

Tell the florist your budget, keeping in mind that a large flower arrangement for a funeral service can cost $100 or more, plus any tax or delivery fee. However, if you are working with a smaller budget, many funeral homes will set a small arrangement on a display table so it will be noticed alongside any larger arrangements.

Work with the florist on what flowers are available. If a florist has to order a special flower from a wholesaler, it may arrive late and the arrangement may not be available for showing. Don't forget to tell the florist the correct address and person's name to put on the back of the sympathy card so the family of the deceased will know who sent the flowers. Have your credit card or debit card handy to pay for the flowers.

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