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The Best Flowers for a Sunny Porch

By Stephanie Green ; Updated September 21, 2017

What better way to liven up a naturally bright area, such as a porch, than by adding flowers for color and texture? When planted in containers or hanging baskets, a porch provides the ideal environment for growing plants that require full sun. A wide range of options are available from plants that grow upright and produce showy, colorful blooms to wispy, trailing varieties. Whatever type suits your style, there are many flowers waiting to call your porch home.


They are an excellent choice for containers on a sunny porch. Gladiolas bloom very quickly and are available in a range of colors, making it easy to complement the colors of surrounding plants or to appropriately contrast with the building materials of your home.


While these are climbing flowers, these full-sun plants will serve a porch well, making a nice focal point for the area. Be careful to protect the roots of this plant, however, as they do not like to be overheated.


Brighten any sunny porch with a welcoming daisy. There are a number of varieties to choose from including the common Shasta daisy to the not-so-common African daisy. Not only are they tolerant of very sunny spots, but they are ideal for containers on a porch as they tend to be invasive when planted in garden beds.


The verbena is a popular trailing plant with flowers in a range of colors—from lavenders to deep reds. Verbenas are widely used in containers and thrive in full sun.

Fan Flowers

If you have quite a bit of space to fill in on your porch, then consider the fan flower. As its name implies, the fan flower will quickly expand into empty areas, and makes an ideal trailing sun flower.

Silver Falls

Rather than the traditional green trailing plants used in containers or in hanging baskets, silver falls provides the same trailing result with a different color. If you opt to use silver falls in a hanging basket, be sure you have plenty of room as the sun-loving plant can trail up to 6 feet.


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