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Plants That Mean Friendship

Flowers are ideal to send to people or loved ones in order to portray a specific message--friendship being one of the most common. They are a simple, beautiful way of letting someone know how you feel without words. When trying to find flowers that mean friendship, focus on the iris flower, ivy plant, and the yellow rose, which all represent friendship when given from one person to another.


The iris is a famous flower all over the world, commonly known as being part of the fleur-de-lis. The iris is associated with cherished friendship, faith, compliments, wisdom, and also translates to "your friendship means so much to me." Irises are used in many gardens, and sometimes can be difficult to find in flower stores or plant nurseries. The blade-shaped leaves represent heart-piercing sorrows. So this flower is best given to a friend who is in need of a pick-me-up or needs to know they are loved.


Ivy is a popular plant that represents friendship, affection and fidelity. Ivy and solid friendship go hand-in-hand, because both are incredibly strong and durable. Ivy walls are seen as impenetrable and protected. Since ivy can thrive and climb almost anything in many environments, it is best given to a friend to represent strong ties, love within friendship and a connotation of strength.

Yellow Rose

Yellow roses didn't always mean friendship; this meaning has evolved over the years. Nowadays, a bouquet of yellow roses brings around cheerful emotions and sunny feelings of warmth and happiness. The yellow rose is purely a symbol for friendship, which is unique because most roses represent deep love and commitment. Yellow roses are best given to friends to show appreciation and platonic love, as well as joy. They are meant to brighten anyone's day and spur a smile.

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