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The Best Window Box Flowers

By Leah Deitz ; Updated September 21, 2017

Creating window boxes adds a welcoming touch to almost any facility. But before purchasing bedding plants to adorn your home it is crucial that you understand your location and conditions. You will not want to put petunias in a window box that is mostly shaded; instead, New Guinea Impatiens and coleus might do the trick. Another consideration is the width of your boxes. Narrow boxes often dictate that you use one row of a single plant species. Deep and wide window planters, however, can be used to create lush window landscapes using some of the prized window box plants.


Geraniums are one of the crowning glories of the window box. Geraniums are sun loving plants. As a window box plant, geraniums offer deep and brilliant colors as well as dark green foliage. According to "Window Boxes: How to Plant and Maintain Beautiful and Compact Flower Beds," by Tovah Martin, place three geraniums in the center of a window box and then fill in the rest of the box with a low growing or trailing plant such as alyssum. The alyssum will spread out and drape over the window box while the geraniums stand tall in the center drawing the eye toward the window.

Tuberous Begonias

Tuberous begonias add bright eye catching color to a shady spot. According to American Meadows, a gardening retailer and resource, tuberous begonias are the “Queens of the shade.” In addition, AM states that these begonias require regular feeding and care and for that reason many people prefer to plant in window boxes and pots, where they easy to access. Due to their large and bright blooms that come in various pinks, white and yellow, these plants also make great additions to the window box because they are so showy. Plant tuberous begonias alone or mix them with draping green foliage such as a vinca vine for added depth and texture.

Wave Petunias

Wave petunias are a trailing variety of petunia that makes an attractive window box display when planted in clusters or mingled with foliage. These petunias come in a variety of colors, including various shades of pink and purple. Wave petunias can be planted alone in window boxes or they can be combined with other complementary plants, such as coleus, which comes in a variety of colors, yet won’t out-show the petunia.