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How to Save Angelonia Flower Seeds

Angelonia is an annual flower. Also known as summer snapdragon, angelonia has trumpet-shaped blooms that come in several colors, including purple, pinks and whites. Many angelonia varieties grown today are hybrids, making it impossible to save seeds from these plants, as they won't produce true to the parent plant. There are still some non-hybrid varieties available, and the seeds from these are viable. Saving seeds from the non-hybrid angelonia helps ensure that these heirloom plants will be around for generations to come.

Allow the flowers to wither and die back naturally. Pick the stalks once all the petals have wilted.

Pull off the remaining petals and locate the seed pod. Remove the light tan pods from the stalk. The pods are located directly under where the flowers were attached.

Set the pods into a shallow bowl. Slit them open with the tip of a knife to reveal the seeds inside. Angelonia seeds are very tiny.

Shake the seeds out of the pod and into the bowl. Remove any of the fuzz that comes out of the pod from the seed bowl with a pair of tweezers. Set the bowl in a warm, dry room and let the seeds dry for one week.

Place the dried seeds into an envelope or paper bag. Label the envelope with the type of flower and the year collected; then store it in a cool, dry place until you are ready to plant the seeds.


If moisture is a concern, place a packet of silica gel in the envelope. Silica gel is available from florists.

If you are saving many seed varieties at the same time, label the bowl with the flower type while the seeds are dryng, to avoid confusion.


Moisture will cause seeds to rot. Always store them in a very dry place.

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