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How to Make Indian Flower Garlands

There are many occasions in Indian culture that call for, or are highlighted by, beautiful flower garlands. Made to adorn individuals, statues, machines, and animals, the flower garland is decidedly an easy, charming way to honor any festival or special occasions. With basic supplies and lots of fragrant and colorful flowers, you can make Indian flower garlands on your own, or organize a group of friends to come over and make them all together.

Cut any flower heads off the stems, leaving a quarter to half an inch of stem remaining. Sort the flowers by type and place in different bowls so it’s easy to get to the flower you want as you make your garland.

Cut a length of thread twice as long as what you need plus 10 inches. For example, a 20-inch finished garland would require a thread length of 50 inches. Thread the needle and bring the thread ends together, tying them in a knot.

Select your first flower and pierce the base of the flower head, just above the stem or through the stem portion if the flower is too fragile. Slide the flower all the way down the thread to the knot.

Continue to add flowers onto the garland, alternating colors or flower sizes, until you have only about 4 inches left between the last flower and your needle. Snip the thread at the needle to release it and tie the loose ends into a knot to secure it.

Bring the beginning and ending threads together and tie them in a knot to close the garland into a loop. Slide your flowers around to even up the spacing if needed around the tied ends.


Create patterns with your flowers by changing the flower colors at different intervals. If you want to make a symmetrical pattern, then repeat your pattern in reverse order after you reach the halfway point on your thread. Typically, a larger flower will be placed at the halfway point as well to mark it.


To keep your flowers looking fresh, you can store them in a plastic bag in a refrigerator for up to three days. Otherwise you’ll want to use the fresh garland within a day or two.

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