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How to Dry Lavender in a Dehydrater

Lavender is a pleasure to grow for many different reasons. Not only is lavender a beautiful ornamental herb that will add lovely scents and foliage to your garden, but it is also an enjoyable herb to cut and dry for many different purposes. One of the easiest ways to dry lavender is with a food dehydrator. Within a few hours, the lavender will be evenly dry and ready to use.

Go out to your lavender plant to trim stems immediately before you will dry them. Choose stems with lavender blossoms that are completely open. If there are any discolored or shriveled leaves, clip them off. Collect all of the stems in the basket.

Take the lavender inside and check each stem to make sure there are no insects hiding within the blossoms or leaves. Remove any insects that you find. Do not wash the lavender.

Place the lavender stems in a single layer on the food dehydrator trays. Stack the trays in the food dehydrator and set the dehydrator to approximately 85 to 100 degrees. Turn the dehydrator on.

Leave the dehydrator running for approximately two hours and then check the lavender.

Check the lavender after two hours to assess the drying. If the blossoms, stems and leaves are papery and feel dry, the lavender is dry. If the lavender still feels moist, leave the lavender in the dehydrator for another hour and check again.

Remove the lavender from the dehydrator when it is fully dry. Allow the lavender stems to cool completely on the dehydrator trays and then place the dehydrated lavender stems in the plastic container and seal the lid tightly.


If you check the lavender stems and they disintegrate when you touch them, you have dried them too much. These lavender stems will not be able to stay intact for use in designing projects.

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