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The Best Garden Vegetables to Plant

It's possible to grow a variety of options in your vegetable garden. While some are easier than others they are all rewarding in the long run. If you don’t want to depend on the grocery store for your produce needs anymore, try growing these vegetables in your garden. These are the best garden vegetables to plant because they taste best fresh out of the garden, they can be expensive to buy at the store, and they each have a variety of uses.


As long as you don’t have a gopher problem, carrots are quite simple to grow. They are a cool-season root vegetable that can be planted all spring and fall. Planting carrots is easy, as the seeds can be sown directly into the soil and not started indoors.


No store-bought tomato can live up to the taste and texture of those ripened on the vine. Sure, tomatoes have their pests, like the tomato hornworm, but they growing them typically pays off with dividends. Plus, if you grow tomatoes in your vegetable garden you can grow varieties not found in stores, like the popular heirloom tomatoes.


While asparagus is not the simplest vegetable to grow, it does offer a great reward. It can be expensive to buy at the grocery store so growing your own is a great alternative. Asparagus takes about 4 years to be mature enough to pick, and you need to be able to plant it in an area that is undisturbed by other gardening. However, after all the hard work, you can pick asparagus regularly as long as there are stalks available and the asparagus patch will last for up to 40 years.

Sweet Potatoes

These gems are full of flavor, can be used just like a regular potato and are really good for you. If you want to try your hand at potato growing, sweet potatoes is the way to go. Try growing varieties of sweet potatoes not sold in stores, like the Japanese sweet potato with purple skin and yellow flesh.


Any type of green that can be used in a salad is a great vegetable for your garden. Not only can you grow green leaf or butter lettuce, but you can try spinach or chard too. All greens are cool season vegetables and some even grow well into winter.


Of all the melons you can grow in your vegetable garden, this is one of the most rewarding. You can grow anything from the large family-size watermelons to the smaller seedless varieties and they will taste much sweeter than anything you could buy in the grocery store.

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