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Plants That Have Blue Flowers

Creating a garden with a specific color can really help accent houses or buildings. For those that want to create a cool seasonal garden effect with the hues of blue, there are some very interesting blue plants and flowers that can be used. Plants that have blue flowers can be perennials, annuals, trees, shrubs and standalone flowers.

Blue Flies

Aristea ecklonii, also known as blue flies or blue-eyed iris, is from the iris family. It is an evergreen perennial good for shade and for container gardening. It has grasslike leaves 15 inches to 18 inches tall with flower stalks in spring and summer having blue flowers. Flowers open in bright light and are saucer shaped. Grow a blue eyed iris in full sun or light shade in rich well-drained soil. Propagate via seed or clump division.


Plumbago auriculata, also known as leadwort or skyflower, is from the leadwort family. It is an evergreen shrub that is good for containers. It is drought tolerant and a butterfly attractor. The plant gets 3 feet to 10 feet tall with 2-inch-long leaves in yellow-green and blue flowers that are 1 inch long. Flowers are in clusters and look phlox-like. Grow a skyflower in full sun with light sandy soil and good drainage. Propagate via seed or summer semi-ripe tip cuttings.

Small Globe Thistle

Echinops ritro, also known as the small globe thistle, is from the aster/daisy family. It is a perennial that attracts butterflies. Gray green leaves are 8 inches long and stems are 2 feet to 3 feet tall. Flowers are 1 inch to 2 inches wide and silver-blue turning to bright blue. Grow a small globe thistle in poor sandy soil in full sun with regular watering. Propagate seed in spring or by winter root division

Mealycup Sage

Salvia farinacea, also known as mealycup sage or blue sage, is from the mint family. It is an easy to grow perennial that is grown as an annual. It can get 1 foot to 4 feet tall. Leaves are long and light green with spikes of blue flowers that start in the spring. Grow a mealycup sage in average soil in full sun or afternoon shade. Propagate by seed or spring clump division.

Lily of the Nile

Agapanthus spp., also known as lily of the nile and African blue lily, is from the lilly family. It is an evergreen perennial that goes well in containers. Leaves are strap like and clump to 1 foot high. Trumpet shaped dark blue flowers are 1 inch to 2 inches wide in clusters 6 inches to 12 inches wide. Flowers come late summer. Grow a lily of the nile in any soil in full sun or with afternoon shade. Propagate via clump division in spring or by seed.

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