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The Best Flowers for Planters

By Callie Barber ; Updated September 21, 2017

A full, lush planter can bring life to areas like patios, porches and walkways. The flowers contrast with neutral-colored planters to create a peaceful, inviting feel to outdoor landscapes. Planters can be easily changed up each season with fresh new ideas. Use hardy, drought-tolerant flowers for long-lasting, strong growth all season long. Some flowers flourish better among other plants, like herbs, which love the cramped confines of a container.


Spring bulbs mixed with annual flower accents are an ideal spring-blooming combination for your planter. Add bright spring blooms like daffodil and paperwhite narcissus for bursts of yellow and white throughout the landscape. With their upright stems and colorful flower heads, tulips add unexpected color and height to planters. Violas and primrose are also lovely plants to include with a set of spring bulbs. Mix in low-growing annual flowers like impatiens and white lilies to fill in spots within the planter and accent the already colorful container.

Drought-Tolerant Annuals

Use drought-tolerant plants like pansies mixed with ornamental kale for a stunning planter that requires little maintenance and upkeep. Drought-tolerant plants are ideal in containers to help keep watering to a minimum, especially during hot summer months. With their wide range of flower blooms, colorful cosmos are another playful yet drought-resistant flower to add to the container. Use sweet alyssum to help fill in the container with their purple, red or white blooms. These spring-loving annuals drip over planters to create a lush design.

Ground Cover

No other flower spreads like a ground cover. Adding them to a planter creates fast-growing flower blooms in no time. With its ability to flower vigorously, creeping phlox is the ideal ground cover to plant to create a lush container in no time. Their pinkish-purple flowers and evergreen foliage add vibrancy to the surrounding environment. Another lovely flowering ground cover is the Suffolk rose. They come in a variety of colors and have the ability to spread over a planter with their vibrant flowering blooms. Suffolk roses look attractive at the front of a planter, mixed in with other flowers, or alone cascading down.


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