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The Best Fertilizer for Blueberries

Blueberry bushes prefer acidic soil and are sensitive to large amounts of fertilizer, especially nitrogen in the form of nitrates. Ammonium sulfate is the best fertilizer for blueberry bushes because it contains no nitrates and it helps lower the pH of the soil. It should be applied in late winter or early spring in a circle around the plant.

Homemade Fertilizer For Blueberries

Blueberries thrive in acidic soil. If the soil has a pH above 5.1, you need to acidify the soil for your blueberry bushes. Or, you can use household vinegar to acidify soil to keep your blueberry bushes healthy. Retest the soil 12 to 24 hours after applying the vinegar. This can be done at any time of day and can be repeated every two to four weeks or as necessary. In most cases, blueberries thrive without much fertilization and require very few added soil nutrients. Aside from additional organic matter and nitrogen, blueberry bushes usually can get all of the nutrients they need to thrive from the existing soil.

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