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How to Remove Riding Lawn Mower Tires From Rims

Riding mowers are susceptible to flat tires just like your car. When this happens, you need to repair the flat or replace the tire. When replacing the tire you will need to get the flat tire off of the rim. Removing the riding lawn mower tire from the rim is not difficult using the right tools. Tire tools, or tire irons, make the job of removing tires a quick process. If you do not have tire irons, they are available at auto parts stores and hardware stores.

Park the riding lawn mower on a level surface. It is preferable to park the mower on the driveway or shop floor.

Place a floor jack or hydraulic bottle jack under the frame near the tire that you need to remove. If you have the mower in the yard, place a board under the jack to keep the jack from sinking into the ground while jacking up the lawn mower.

Jack the lawn mower up until the tire is off of the ground. Place a jack under the frame near the jack and adjust the jack stand so the stand is touching the frame. Lower the jack until the mower weight is on the jack stand. Leave the jack in place just touching the frame of the lawn mower.

Pull the cap hub off of the center of the wheel with a pair of pliers. Use needle nose pliers to remove the retaining ring around the axle securing the wheel to the axle. Pull the two flat washers off of the axle and pull the tire off of the mower. If working on the rear tires, you will have a square key between the side of the axle and the wheel. Pull the key out with pliers and keep the key in a safe place for installing the tire later.

Release any remaining air in the tire. Remove the valve stem cap and press inside the stem with a small flathead screwdriver to allow the air to release through the valve stem.

Insert a tire tool between the inside of the rim and the tire. Pry the tire off of the rim by pushing down on the tire tool. Insert the second tire tool close to the first one and maneuver the tool around the circumference of the wheel to pop the tire off on one side.

Place a tire tool between the side of the tire still on the rim and the side of the rim to begin prying off the remaining side of the tire. Use the second tire tool like before to maneuver the tire off of the rim completely.

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