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The Best Grass Seed in Southern California

The best grass seed for Southern California is a warm-season grass. For coastal locations where winter temperatures rarely dip below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, an ideal grass seed is Seashore Paspalum, which tolerates both salt and drought. For inland parts of Southern California with hotter summers, Bermuda grass is a good choice.

Grass To Seed Out

Stop mowing the grass in the area that you want to let seed out. In dry conditions, water the grass as needed to ensure that it continues to grow and thrive. Wait for the seed heads to develop completely and begin drying out. Harvest the seeds by grasping the stalk with one hand and sliding the fingers of the other hand up the stalk and over the seed heads; provided that the heads are fully developed, the seeds will come loose between your fingers. Mow the lawn after harvesting the seeds, setting the blade high so that you remove no more than one-third of the grass height in the first cut. Store harvested grass seed in a cool, dry location.

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