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Sun & Partial Sun Window Box Ideas

By Callie Barber ; Updated September 21, 2017

Adding a window box brings texture and color to a space. No matter where the box is situated, in the shade or sun, you can have a vibrant and long-lasing box using your favorite plants and flowers. Remember to add different heights and textures together to form a varied design. Use small annuals each season to bring added color and to easily change out for a fresh new design.

Vegetable Box

Grow sun-loving vegetables in a colorful window box for a burst of color throughout the garden. Having fresh vegetables such as lettuce and kale not only spruces up the container with splashes of vibrant greens, but they become your year-round supply of delicious vegetables to add to your meals. Add an unusual chard plant such as rainbow chard for an unexpected addition to the container. Situate the vegetable box on a kitchen or backyard window for easy access. Vegetables love full sun and will need to receive at least six hours of direct sunlight per day. Add compost and nutrient-rich soil to the vegetable box to ensure a vigorous crop.

Front Entry

Create a stunning front entry using your favorite partial-sun loving perennial and annual plants inside window boxes. Use one long window box mounted under bay windows for a focal point to the front yard. For the partially shaded entryway, add variegated hostas mixed with pansies for a well-balanced design. Add an asparagus fern for a bright green and unusual texture. Watch as the fern gently billows out and around for a truly stunning addition to the box.

For front entries that receive full sun throughout the day, plant small sun-loving perennial varieties that don't take up as much space as larger plants but still pack a punch when added to a window box. A lovely plant to add to the box, and one that needs full sun, is the creeping heliotrope. Plant this creeper inside the box for a cluster of small blue blooms beginning in the summer and lasting through fall. Another sun-loving plant is the heat- and drought-tolerant verbena. This semi-evergreen and extremely hardy flower will provide a long-lasting and colorful addition.

Herb Box

Herbs need full sun to flourish and thrive and look lovely in a sun-lit window box on a front or back porch. Create a vibrant green window box using your favorite herbs, such as chives and mint. Plant thyme and oregano in the front of the box to cascade down and around the landscape. Use a taller herb such as basil in the box to provide height and a fragrant smell. Choose low-growing herbs such as sage and marjoram to help fill out around the base of the window box.


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