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When to Put Down Scott's Turf Builder

Apply Scott's Turf Builder when the grass is damp, such as after a rain or during the morning dew. Turf Builder works best when the temperature is between 65 and 90 degrees. Apply it when the weeds have already sprouted in your lawn, in the spring until the fall. Scott's has separate Turf Builders for each time of year.

Scott's Turf Builder Kill Bermuda?

Scotts offers several types of Turf Builder fertilizer, and not all work with every type of grass. Scotts Turf Builder with Weed-and-Feed, for example shouldn't be used on St. Augustine grass (Stenotaphrum secundatum), which grows in USDA zones 8 through 10. However, all the Turf Builder products are safe to use with your Bermuda grass lawn.

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