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The Best Flowers to Go With Antique Hydrangea

By D.C. Winston ; Updated September 21, 2017

Antique hydrangea are flowers that have been allowed to mature on the shrub until they gain a tea-stained coloration over their original base color and sometimes even acquire a third hue. White hydrangeas allowed to remain on the shrub can turn green with a reddish bronze overlay. Pink hydrangea can turn lavender and bronze, while blue tends to hold its color and have a bronze overlay. The flower's color tone and pattern can vary widely from stem to stem, even sometimes on the same plant.


Roses are the classic accompaniment to hydrangea because of the the textural contrast and size complement one another well. Roses also come in such a wide range of colors that a mixing with antique hydrangeas is easy to do and options are broad. Lavender blue antique hydrangeas against sterling silver roses can give a modern tone-on-tone look. Creamy white roses with green and pink hydrangea gives an elegant cottage or shabby chic feel.


Lizianthus are lush, romantic flowers grown on long, slim, arching stems with multiple flowers connected on a single stem. They have full cup-shaped flower heads and the edges of the petals are slightly turned out and ruffled, giving them a soft look. The flowers come in a range of hues to complement antique hydrangeas, from crisp white or pale rose pink to deep lavender and violet purple. Their more linear shape is a good counterpoint to the globe shape of the hydrangea.


White, lavender, pink, purple and blue delphinium are all good options for pairing with antique hydrangea. The long, full bloom and slightly conical heads of delphinium flowers provides structural contrast to the round hydrangea while still looking soft and sort of ethereal. Delphiniums can have up to 40 or more individual florets on each bloom stalk and each floret has a slightly ruffled, round shape that echoes the hydrangea in miniature form.