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How to Check the Oil Level in a Honda Mower

The life blood of every Honda mower is the motor oil. Without oil in a Honda mower, you will destroy a running engine inside of a couple of minutes. Once that happens, it will be less expensive to buy a brand new one than to get the engine rebuilt. In fact, the engine may be considered junk and will not even qualify for a rebuild. That is why checking the oil in a Honda mower is absolutely vital to it's longevity and performance.

Find the oil cover on your Honda mower. It will be located on the top of the actual motor, it will be black in color, it will resemble a soft drink bottle cap, and it will have a picture of an oil can on it with drops of oil coming out of its spout.

Unscrew this cover and remove it from the motor. You will notice a long stem that will be attached as you pull it out of the motor.

Wipe the stem off with your rag and look closely at it near the bottom. There will be two lines across the stem. The first one will be nearly at the bottom and the second one will be a bit above the first one.

Dip the stem back into the motor and then pull it out again.

Check the two lines on the stem, and you will also notice a slight coating of oil. If there is enough oil in your mower, the oil coating will extend past the bottom line but should not be higher than the top line. If the oil coating is between the lines, it is perfect.

If there is no oil on the stem or not enough to reach the first line, you'll need to add some. Pour about 1/4 of a quart of recommended oil in, wipe the oil stem, dip it back and and see where it is. Again, an oil coating between the two lines is right where you want it to be, so keep dipping and checking until it is right.

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