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How to Make a Floral Spray

By Cynthia Myers ; Updated September 21, 2017

A floral spray is a large arrangement of loosely gathered flowers and greenery that looks great on a door at home or at the office. Sprays are also often seen at funerals and can be used as wedding decorations. Unlike a wreath, sprays are more informal and free-form. Choose a single color or type of flower and greenery, or many different kinds of flowers and greens to achieve the look you want. Make a different spray for each season.

Choose a mixture of tall, slender flowers such as lilies or sunflowers and shorter, bulkier flowers such as hydrangea or mums; as well as ivy, palm fronds, magnolia leaves or other greenery. All the flowers and greenery should have long stems. Strip any greenery from the bottom one-quarter of the stems.

Soak a block of Oasis (florist foam) in water until the foam is saturated with water. The size of the block depends on the size of your spray. A four-inch square of Oasis should be sufficient for a small to medium sized spray, while a large spray may require an eight-inch by four-inch piece of foam.

Insert the flower stems into the oasis. Start with the largest stems. Insert them at the back and sides. Add a second layer of slightly shorter or fuller blossoms and greens, working your way down and forward. Don’t worry if one side doesn’t absolutely match the other side–a little asymmetry adds interest to the piece.

Add the final layer of shorter, fuller blossoms and greenery. Step back and study the arrangements. Relocate stems or add new ones until the spray is as full as you would like.

Wrap three-inch-wide satin ribbon around the spray to hide the Oasis. Tie or wire the bow over the ribbon.


Things You Will Need

  • 6-8 long-stemmed flowers
  • 3-4 types of greenery
  • Oasis
  • Large bow and three-inch wide ribbon


  • The spray is easiest to work with if you build it while the block of Oasis is propped on a florist's easel.
  • Add water to the Oasis to keep the arrangement fresh longer.


  • Don't rearrange the flowers too much; putting unnecessary holes in the Oasis will weaken it and could cause it to fall apart.

About the Author


Cynthia Myers is the author of numerous novels and her nonfiction work has appeared in publications ranging from "Historic Traveler" to "Texas Highways" to "Medical Practice Management." She has a degree in economics from Sam Houston State University.