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What Part of the Flower Forms the Seed?

After fertilization through the act of pollination, the flower's ovary becomes swollen and turns into a fruit. The flower's ovules, found inside the ovary, harden and become the seeds inside the fruit.

Female Parts Of The Flower?

The stigma is the sticky structure that tops the pistil, the name given to the entire female structure contained in a flower. The stigma catches pollen, activating and holding it securely as it elongates and grows toward the ovary. The style is a tube that raises the stigma above the base of the flower and separates it from the ovary. Although this may seem insignificant, this distance is one way that incompatible pollen is prevented from attempting to fertilize eggs -- species whose pollen tubes don't grow long enough simply cannot reach the ovary. In addition, the stigma being raised above the base of the flower increases the odds of pollination for many plants. Pollen tubes that reach the ovary release their sperm cells directly within, fertilizing the ovules. After fertilization is complete, a chemical signal encourages the ovary to produce a protective environment where the seed develops.

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