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The Best Flowering Evergreens

Flowering evergreen plants are those that will not lose their leaves during their dormant phase and will produce blooms. Not all evergreens will flower. Those that do are perfect for those special spots in the garden plot where you want full plants with a hint of color.

Stokes Aster

Stokesia laevis, or the Stokes aster, is from the aster/daisy family. It is a perennial evergreen that is easy to grow. Leaves are 6 to 8 inches with flowers like cornflowers 3 to 4 inches wide. Flowers are typically white, pink, lavender, or blue. Plant a stokes aster in acidic soil that lime has not been added to with full sun. It needs to be well drained with good moisture. Propagate via seed or by winter or spring root clump division.

Scarlet Milkweed

Asclepias curassavica, or the scarlet milkweed, is from the milkweed family. It is a perennial grown as an annual that is evergreen. Leaves are 5 inches long with flowers in clusters 2 to 4 inches wide. Flowers are typically red and orange but there is a yellow cultivar. Plant a scarlet milkweed in any soil with full sun to partial shade with regular watering. Propagate via seed or cuttings.

Garden Mum

Chrysanthemum hybrids, or the garden mums, are from the aster/daisy family. It is a perennial that is evergreen, fast growing, and easy to grow. Flower shapes, colors, and sizes vary but leaves are dark green and fragrant. Some mums can get up to 5 feet tall. Plant a garden mum in slight acidic soil in sun to partial sun. It prefers moist soil. Propagate via division or by spring and summer tip cuttings

African Iris

Dietes iridioides, or the African iris, is from the iris family. It is an evergreen perennial. Leaves are 2 feet long and leathery. Clumps have 2 to 4 feet stalks with irislike flowers. Flowers are in spring and summer and are white with yellow marks, 3 inches wide. Plant an African iris in any soil that is well drained. They prefer light shade to nearly full sun. Propagate via clump division or by seed.

Four o'clock

Mirabilis jalapa, or the four o’clock, is from the four o’clock family. It is a fragrant evergreen perennial that are fast and easy to grow. It is also drought tolerant. It is 2 to 3 feet tall with 2 to 4 inch long leaves. Flowers are trumpet shaped and red, yellow, white, pink, or magenta. Blooms open in the evening and last from spring to fall. Plant a four o’clock in any soil in full sun or partial shade. Propagate via spring seed, tuber division, or wait for self seeding.


Primula vulgaris, or the primrose, is from the primrose family. It is a semi-evergreen. Leaves are 10 inches long with pale yellow flowers an inch wide that are on 6 inch stalks. Plant a primrose in partial shade in rich moisture retentive soil. Propagate via seed, stem cuttings, and by division. They should be divided every few years for best growth.

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