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How to Save a Dying Bamboo Plant

Bamboo plants are mostly perennial evergreens, found in the Poaceae family. Bamboo plants are often cultivated for good luck, and some are sold as "Lucky Bamboo." One complication when saving a bamboo plant is that some plants from the lily family appear to be bamboo and they do not require the same type of nutrition and amount of sunlight that genuine bamboos require. When you actually have a genuine bamboo that is dying, you will need to act quickly.

Check to see if your plant is receiving enough water. If the plant appears to be drooping, you may not be watering it enough. If you are watering it too much and the plant gets root rot, the bamboo might turn a dull color or turn yellowish. Bamboo typically needs to be watered once a month by filling its pot with water. The amount can vary slightly in different types of plants, but this is the average amount required.

Look for stagnant water in the plant's pot, and remove any stones that are located there.

Take out the stones and check each one to see if they're wet or dry. If you find out that they are dry, you're not giving your bamboo plant enough water.

Take those stones out, put them in a strainer and rinse them with cool water. While doing that, make sure to use clean water. Check the rocks for moss and other growths and scrub them away with water and place them back into the plant's pot. Hopefully, this will increase drainage.

Check its roots to see if they are entangled. Entangled roots mean that the plant needs more room in a larger pot.

Place your bamboo plant in a place that receives more sunlight if the plant's current area is more shaded. However, if the plant is getting plenty of sunlight and is still dying, move the pot from the sun. The sun might be too bright for your plant.

Check and see if your bamboo plant has holes or insects on it, especially mites. To wash away the insects, place the plant under slow-running water. Make sure you're not using too much water to wash away the insects.

Cut a living portion of your bamboo plant and place it in a brand new pot. Before doing that, check your house for bugs and maybe remove the old plant so that the new one will be able to take its place. This is also done in order to avoid infecting the plant with the previous plant's mites.


Switch to filtered water instead of tap water if you notice that the leaves are turning brown. The fluoride found in tap water can harm bamboo plants.

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