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Famous Flowers in France

France is known for beautiful landscape and countryside, with an abundance of flourishing flowers. In French culture, it is very rare to go to a home that doesn't have flowers growing outside of it or for decor. The region of Gourdon in France is particularly famous for its flowers because of its ideal, sunshine-filled climate. Some of the more famous flowers from France includes the lily, rosemary and iris.


The lily is said to be one of the two national flowers of France, also called the French Flower Emblem by the French Government. They thrive all over France, mostly the color white. These beautiful, delicate flowers come in Also called the fleur-de-lis, it has been used for centuries as a symbol throughout French politics, controversy, royalty, cuisine and wine.


The Rosemary Bush, or Rosmarinus officinalis, is a variety of native French flowers and herb plant. that blooms wildly in spring and summer. The most famous place where these flowers are grown is called as the La Source Parfumee in Gourdon. This particular variety of rosemary is famous for its scent and use widely in France for the perfume industry. It is also used for culinary uses, medicinal and as decor.


The iris flowers are another variety of indigenous flowers that grow in Gordon, France, especially in the Alps. There are as many as 200 to 300 varieties of Iris, and the Greek root of this flower means rainbow. The Iris is seen as a French Flower Emblem, which means it is one of the two national flowers of France. In the French perfume industry the iris rhizomes are used for iris butter.

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