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Where Can I Buy Sod for My Lawn?

Flats of sod can be purchased from most garden stores and nurseries, as well as some mail-order nurseries. You may have a better growing experience buying from a local nursery, as the nursery will sell sod for grass species that do well in your area and climate.

Move Lawn Sod

Water the bare soil thoroughly. Do all the preparation one day before installing the new lawn sod so the soil settles and you have enough time to cut and lay the new sod in a single day. Till the soil to a depth of 6 to 8 inches to break up settled soil. Add 2 inches of organic compost to the soil. Add a few inches of sand to improve drainage if you have clay soil. A sod cutter looks much like a shovel, but it is completely flat and has sharpened edges to make it easy to cut through the lawn sod. Place one foot on the sod cutter and push down to cut through the sod layer. Push a flat shovel down into the cut sod, beginning at the narrow end of the rectangle. Roll the sod from one narrow end to the opposite end. Lay the roll of lawn sod onto the bare soil surface, butting it up against any existing lawn sod.

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