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List of Tree Seed Companies

By Ma Wen Jie ; Updated September 21, 2017

Growing trees from seed is a time consuming process that can result in the satisfaction of helping a new, long-lived plant emerge. Growing trees from seed often requires a year or two of germination and growth before viable seedlings emerge. Working with a reputable tree seed company who can help you understand the process of germination, sprouting and early growth can make the process much easier. In some cases, you can find seeds for expensive tree varieties that may be hard to find in nursery stock.

Sheffield's Seed Company

Sheffield's Seed Company has been in business selling seeds since 1978. In addition to tree seeds, Sheffield's offers seeds for shrubs, flowers, vines, herbs, grasses and vegetables. Their extensive tree seed inventory is searchable. You can also sort either by common name or genus. A partial list of seeds available from Sheffield's is: alder, apple, ash, aspen, box elder, camphor tree, china fir, loquat and walnut. In some cases, they may have seeds for a number of sub-varieties. Their seeds are rated by purity and anticipated percentage of the seeds that will germinate.

Whatcom Seed Company

Whatcom Seed Company offers many tree seeds. Although many of the seeds are intended for people growing bonsai, or miniature trees grown in small pots, many of their seeds are suitable for germination and growing for outdoor planting. Among the seeds they offer are noble fir, trident maple, Japanese red maple, Bloodgood Japanese maple, kiwi, African baobab and desert rose. In addition to tree seeds, Whatcom Seed Company offers seeds for ornamental flowers and plants.

The Angelgrove Seed Company

The Angelgrove Seed Company offers seeds for trees and roses. Among the tree seeds they offer are a number of different firs, including balsam, white, cork bark, noble and Santa Lucia firs. Some of the maple trees offered by the Angelgrove Seed Company include flame, trident, striped, Oliver, sugar, ivy leaf and mountain, among many others. They also offer many seeds for growing Japanese maple trees. In addition to the large selection of seeds for firs and maples, Angelgrove offers seeds for birch trees, boxwoods, pea trees, hornbeams, hollies, junipers, flowering crabs, magnolias, redbuds and many more.


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