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Hardy Outdoor Hanging Plants That Handle Heat Well

While some outdoor plants droop and burn in the heat, full sun and hot temperatures are a treat for many annuals and perennials. With hardy outdoor hanging plants that handle heat well, you can accent areas of your landscape that get direct sun most of the day. Regions of the country that enjoy high temperatures much of the year can also take advantage of plants that thrive in the heat. Choices of resilient outdoor plants range from uprights that add fullness in a hanging plant container to trailers that provide sweeping foliage as it hangs over the planter.

Lush Uprights

Hanging basket plants with blooms that grow upright add full color to your arrangement while the leaves of the plant peek over the sides of the container. Flowering plants like begonia, primrose and cyclamen are examples of hardy outdoor hanging plants that handle heat well. As upright plants, they provide a visual spectacle in containers hung at or below eye level on decks, patios, or entrance ways. They also require very little shaping and pruning.

In the begonia family, the begonia organdy mixed variety handles all kinds of weather and is tolerant of very wet or dry soil conditions. It is a perfect outdoor plant for high heat climates. Other upright plants that love full sun are acalypha chenile, known as red hot cattails, and pink sand verbena.

Trailing Plants

Plants with blooms that trail over the sides of hanging baskets provide a spectacular display for any outdoor area. Lobelia, chenille, fuchsia, pansies and sweet alyssum are some of the hardy outdoor hanging plants that handle heat well. For a resilient perennial, there is the pansy friolina gold variety. It endures heat and blooms multiple flowers that softly hang over the container. A mature plant trails as long as 60 inches.

If growing in an area with high heat nearly year round, the lobelia is the best choice. It thrives in hot temperatures with colorful blooms in red, purple, white and blue that are complemented by attractive foliage. Fuchsia is also among the top hot climate plants, particularly the fuchsia delta’s sarah variety. Besides the wonderfully long stem characteristic of all fuchsias, it blooms large, double flowers. Best of all, it is a perennial, so its beauty is enjoyed every year.

All-in-One Plants

Some outdoor plant varieties provide the best of both worlds, growing upright flowers with trailing leaves. The ivy geranium blooms ample upright flowers while its shiny ivy-like foliage drapes over the hanging baskets. It also handles heat well. Oxalis triangularis, known as the burgundy shamrock, is a hardy perennial that grows dainty upright pink flowers while its deep burgundy leaves provide lovely trailing foliage. It thrives in hot temperatures and grows up to 8 inches in height.

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