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When to Plant Azalea Bushes

The United States National Arboretum recommends planting azalea bushes in either early spring or early fall in soil with good drainage. Azalea plants do not need to be planted deeply, and should be watered once a week for the first year.

Care For Azalea Bushes

Azaleas are a subgenus of flowering shrubs that can grow up to 6 feet in height and produce numerous large flowers in colors of pink, purple, red or white. They bloom during the spring and can be deciduous or evergreen, depending on the species. Azalea bushes require only routine maintenance to survive in most temperate climates around the world. Dig a hole that is twice as wide and slightly less deep than the root ball of the azalea bush. Soak the soil surrounding the plants to bring the shallow root system into contact with as much moisture as possible. Reduce watering during fall and winter to once per week, and only on weeks with less than 1 inch of rainfall. Feed azalea bushes three times per year using a high nitrogen 16-4-8 fertilizer. Apply once in March, again in May and a third time in September. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper dosage. This will stimulate the growth of new flowers and prevent azalea bushes from forming seeds.

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