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Low Maintenance Shrubs and Hillside Landscaping Ideas

Hillside landscapes look stunning when alive with color. Plant your favorite flowers and shrubs to bring bursts of blooms to the landscape. Use drought-tolerant plants to ensure a successful, low-maintenance landscape that is easy to maintain. Add varying heights to create a balanced design that will provide a lifetime of enjoyment.

Colorful Shrubs

Adding low-maintenance shrubs to your hillside will help ensure that your plants become fully established into the landscape. With limited upkeep and their ability to withstand a range of environmental conditions, low-maintenance shrubs have a high chance of success. Plant spring and summer blooming shrubs for color throughout the growing season. Plant a colorful and vibrant forsythia shrub to add a vibrant burst of yellow beginning in early April. Its long, cascading branches look stunning along a hillside. The drought-tolerant butterfly bush is another low-maintenance shrub that works on a hillside; this colorful bush can survive moderate water for a limited time. Its cascading blooms grow in a range of colors including purple, yellow and white. Drought-tolerant plants are especially low maintenance in the hot summer months when moisture is limited in areas.

Evergreen Shrubs

Grow vibrant evergreen shrubs along your hillside landscape for height and beauty. Plant the juniper shrub for a lovely addition to your yard. With its mound-like appearance, the juniper will provide color through the winter months and can be used to create garland during the holidays. Inkberry holly, another gorgeous evergreen shrub, is a drought-tolerant shrub that prefers sun to partial shade. Plant a row of these shrubs along the hillside for a stunning focal point. With their deep purple berries and dark green foliage, the holly is elegant and low maintenance. Another picturesque evergreen is the arborvitae. Plant a golden globe arborvitae, with its golden tinted foliage, along the landscape to admire all year round.

Hillside Blooms

Flowers are a must along your hillside landscape. Not only do they help fill out the space, they bring their colorful blooms to the hillside. A perennial flower that will sprout up in your hillside landscape each year is the daylily. Daylilies prefer well-drained soils, perfect for the hillside, and have sorbet-colored blooms that gently drape over the bright green stems. Plant these stunning plants around an evergreen shrub or in clumps along the hill. Coneflower and black-eyed Susan also create a lovely and long-lasting addition to your hillside. Both perennials have bright blooms that create a cheery and unexpected addition to the hillside.

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