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How Do I Replace the Line on an Echo Gas Trimmer?

Exact procedures for restringing Echo line trimmers vary only slightly from model to model. Consult the user's manual if possible. Older Echo dual line trimmer heads store both lines side by side in a single line compartment. Restringing these older machines requires one longer length of line and a trickier technique than with the newer two-compartment models. Models with two compartments automatically separate two shorter lines, preventing most problems with crossed and tangled cutting cord.

Turn the cutting head clockwise without pressing it inward. When the retaining pin releases, pull the cutting head straight out to remove it from the trimmer. Use the pliers to pull out any remaining old cord.

Bend one inch of one end of each length of cutting line at a right angle to form an L-shaped hook. Hold the spool in your left hand with the open socket side against your palm. Insert one L-hook in the starting holes of each compartment of the spool. The line should drape to the right.

Wind the two lines carefully on the spool by turning the spool clockwise and holding the lines in your right hand. Wrap the lines tightly and evenly on the spool. Avoid overlapping the line.

Place each line in a notch on the inner hub when all but about six inches of line has been wound onto the spool. The notches hold the line by friction and space the line ends 180 degrees apart on the spool.

Match each line end to the feed port in the trimmer. Push the lines through the opposing ports from the inside of the hub and seat the spool on the shaft. Turn the spool counterclockwise to engage the locking pin.

Pull each line tight. A firm pull on the line end frees the cutting line from the friction notch on the inner hub, allowing the automatic feed to work. Trim the lines to an equal length with the wire cutter jaws of the pliers.


Older model Echo spools with only one line compartment wind in much the same way as the new versions. Use one 20-foot length of line, fed through the hole in the center of the spool's hub. Fold the line ends back to the right and wind them side by side on the hub without crossing. Keeping an index finger on the hub between the lines helps.

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