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How to Install a Lawn Tractor Battery

By Kenneth Crawford ; Updated September 21, 2017

Own a lawn tractor long enough and you will have to install a new battery. This is especially true if you do not use your tractor throughout the year. Installing a lawn tractor battery is no different than changing the battery in your car. Remember to pull off the negative cable first when removing a dead battery and placing the positive cable on first when installing a new battery.

Raise the lawn tractor hood to the fully opened position. Slide the terminal covers off the battery terminals if your lawn tractor uses covers.

Loosen the negative black cable clamp and the positive red cable clamp, using a 7/16-inch open end wrench. Lift the black cable off of the battery terminal first and then lift the red cable off the opposite terminal.

Lift the old battery straight out of the battery compartment. Set the new battery inside the compartment.

Slide the positive red cable clamp over the positive battery terminal. The positive terminal has a “+” stamp on the top of the terminal. Tighten the red cable clamp to the terminal with the wrench.

Attach the black cable clamp to the negative terminal. Tighten the clamp on the end of the cable with the wrench. Slide the terminal covers over each of the battery terminals. Close the hood.



  • If you do not use your lawn tractor in the off-season, start the tractor once a month to keep the battery from draining over the winter.


  • Do not lay your wrench or other metal objects across the battery terminals.
  • Remove rings and necklaces before removing the battery. You could cause accidental grounding and injury to yourself.

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