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The Best Plants for Planter Boxes

Planter boxes are the perfect space for planting your favorite perennials, which come back fuller and hardier each year. Perennials are also ideal because they come in a wide range of colors and sizes. Add vegetable plants to the planter box to create a deliciously vibrant design. Use the planter box to grow your favorite annuals, which can be changed out each season for a new design. Over time, watch the planter box grow and fill out your garden landscape.


Perennials, which come back every year healthier and taller, are the perfect addition to a planter box. Plant tall perennials like daylilies in the back of the planter box for height and color. Use smaller perennials plants like verbena in the front of the box. Verbena comes in a range of beautiful colors and will help to fill out the planter box due to it's mound-like and cascading appearance. Small herb perennial plants like sage and basil can be added to the front of the box to bring texture and bursts of vibrant green color. For additional punches of color, plant violets mixed with English daisy. Both are gorgeous perennials that can help fill in areas of the planter box.


Change out the planter box each year with your favorite annuals. Each season, create a fresh new design using annual flowers like pansies. With their multi-colored faces and extensive variety of colors and shapes, pansies are simple flowers that create huge impact to your planter box. Add vibrant color to your box with the stunning zinnia. With their bright green stems and colorful flower blooms, the zinnia looks beautiful packed into a planter box. Another stunning addition to your planter box is the snapdragon. This annual flower has delicate upright blooms that look lovely filling in your planter. Mix these with a ornamental kale and cabbage for a elegant design.


Pack your favorite vegetables inside a planter box to use in your favorite recipes. Vegetable plants are ideal inside a planter box where you can control the soil type and amount of water per box. Grow cherry tomato plants, which produce a plethora of small and sweet fruit throughout the summer months. Cucumbers and squash, both creeping vegetables, will fill out the planter box and provide high amounts of vegetables during the growing season. Plant cool-season crops like lettuce, broccoli and greens like kale and collards. Watch the vibrant and bright green heads of lettuce pop up through the soil to end up in your favorite salad concoction.

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