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How to Plant Quinault Strawberries

By April Sanders ; Updated September 21, 2017

Quinault strawberries are a highly popular strawberry variety. Developed by botanists at Washington State University, the Quinault strawberry is a hardy, ever-bearing (producing berries in early summer and then again in the fall) plant that features very large berries. In fact, Quinault strawberries often reach two inches in diameter. Quinault strawberry plants can tolerate frost, love sunshine and are best grown in USDA growing zones 4 through 8. They are easy to plant and grow but can be susceptible to fungi.

Choose a location that receives five to six hours of sunlight per day and has well-draining soil. Also make sure it is not a location where other vegetables, including potatoes and tomatoes, have grown, as the soil could contain some fungi that could quickly harm your strawberries.

Work organic mulch into the dirt. Use a trowel, shovel, rake or your hands. Quinault strawberries thrive in very rich soil.

Soak each strawberry plant in water for four to five minutes before planting it.

Dig a hole that is big enough to contain all of the roots without crowded them. Create a small mound in the middle of the hole, and drape the roots over the mound.

Make sure the crown of the plant (where the stem meets the roots) is level with the surface of the ground, then back-fill the hole.

Water the Quinault strawberry plants thoroughly, and then surround them with one or two inches of straw mulch to retain moisture and discourage weed growth.


Things You Will Need

  • Organic mulch
  • Gardening gloves
  • Trowel, shovel or rake
  • Water
  • Straw mulch


  • Pinch off blooms and runners the first year to direct energy to establishing a strong roots system. Fertilize strawberries during the growing season with a fertilizer formulated for berries.