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How to Cone Wrap Flowers

By Jennifer Loucks ; Updated September 21, 2017

Fresh flowers from your garden are a beautiful and thoughtful gift to give. It is simple to wrap your own flowers in an elegant, professional manner using a few easy-to-find supplies. Cut and wrap the flowers just before giving the gift to keep the flowers fresh for display. Have the recipient put the flowers in a vase of water immediately after getting the gift, to prevent the stems from drying out.

Cut a piece of clear or tinted cellophane that is large enough to wrap two times around the bouquet of flowers. A 2-foot section is adequate for a standard-sized bouquet of one dozen cut flowers.

Lay the cellophane on a flat surface. Place several layers of waxed tissue paper on top of the cellophane if desired.

Place the bouquet of flowers on the cellophane at a diagonal so the blossoms are facing the upper left hand corner and the stems are facing the bottom right-hand corner. Leave a 6-inch gap between the corner and the start of the blossoms.

Hold the bottom of the stems together and secure gently with a rubber band to hold in place.

Fold the bottom right hand corner of the cellophane upwards so it is covering the bottom of the stems.

Fold the bottom left hand corner of the cellophane over the center of the flowers. Gently roll the flowers to wrap the remaining cellophane around the flower bouquet. Secure the loose end with a staple or piece of tape.

Complete the wrapping process by adding a ribbon or bow if desired.

Cover the top blossoms of the flowers in cold weather by folding the top point down and securing with staples or tape. This point is created from the 6-inch gap left at the beginning of the process.


Things You Will Need

  • Clear cellophane
  • Flower bouquet
  • Waxed tissue paper
  • Rubber band
  • Stapler
  • Tape
  • Ribbon and bow


  • Cellophane is available in rolls at stores that sell wrapping paper and gift supplies.

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