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How to Plant Grass Seed in Georgia

By Melody Dawn ; Updated September 21, 2017

Climate plays a big part in how your grass looks. The state of Georgia is well-known for its extreme hot summer temperatures and mild temperate winters. Many plants cannot take the climate in the Southeast and many grasses require extra watering in order to survive the heat. There is a way to successfully plant grass seed in Georgia, though.

Test the soil's pH where you intend to plant the seed. The ideal pH for grass in the state of Georgia is 6.5. If the pH is too low, add lime. Lime will encourage an excellent root system and worms, which are both excellent for grass. If the soil's pH is high, add sulfur to the soil. Follow the directions on the container in order to gain the proper pH.

Use a rake to remove all of the rocks and other refuge from the soil before you seed your lawn. It will be harder for the seed to take root and grow if there is a lot of lawn debris in the way. Remove all the dead grass and weeds.

Choose s Kentucky bluegrass or a fescue blend to plant in Georgia. Both grasses are hardy and will grow through the hot summer months. Use a mechanical spreader to spread the seed and put apply three to four pounds per every 1,000 feet of grass.

Use a hard rake to rake the grass seed into the soil. This will cover the seed so that it makes excellent contact with the soil and will start its roots.

Apply a layer of all-purpose fertilizer on top of the seed, after you have raked. Follow the directions on the package for best results and cover the area with a fourth of an inch of hay, mulch or straw, this will keep birds from taking the grass seed.

Use a sprinkler and water your lawn every day with at least an inch of water. Continue watering util you begin to see seedlings growing. Once the grass begins to come up, you will not have to water a frequently. Wait until the soil just gets dry and water again.


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