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The Best Outdoor Flowers

Starting and maintaining a flower garden can be a rich, fulfilling experience for even the novice gardener. There are several varieties of flowering plants--more than 230,000, to be exact--and depending on where you live, several varieties bloom best outdoors.


Comprising of approximately 150 varieties, the honeysuckle family of flowers are highly fragrant outdoor plants. The plant is identified by its deep green and thick foliage with trumpet-like blossoms.

The colors of honeysuckle blossoms range from yellowish-white to red and virtually every color in between. Honeysuckle is versatile and can grow in most hardiness zones, making it a wonderful, low-maintenance border plant for your yard or flower garden.

Sweet Pea

Since its introduction to the United States in the late 1800s, the sweet pea remains one of the most whimsical and dainty outdoor flowers. Sweet peas are in the same family as edible peas, and they grow wonderfully against trellises, fences and garden borders.


Of all the outdoor flowers, the zinnia is the most vibrant and cheerful in hue with blaze red, sunny yellow and royal purple blooms. Zinnias make excellent outdoor flowers to plant near border plants where they get partial sun and shade.


Moonflower vines reach up to 10 feet in length and are part of the morning glory family of outdoor flowers. The thick, deep green vines grow against practically anything and are excellent companion plants for sweet peas.

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