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How to Grow Stephanotis From Seed

The stephanotis plant is a tropical, woody climber that produces a small star-shaped white flower that is strongly fragrant. The stems are trained to grow on a trellis and will reach up to 10 feet long. Stephanotis plants produce large seed pods that contain 50 to 100 internal seeds in a pine cone shape for use in propagating new plants. The seeds will germinate in two weeks and the resulting new plants will produce flowers in two to three years.

Remove the stephanotis seed pod from the plant once it turns yellow. Insert the pod into a netting bag to prevent seed loss and set it on a tray in a sunny window until it splits open.

Open the seed pod with a sharp knife and gently remove the cylinder-shaped section of seeds. Spread the seeds in a single layer on a tray to dry.

Fill a seed-starting tray with a seed-starting medium that contains sand. Lightly water the medium before seeding.

Press a single seed into the medium so it is just under a layer of soil. Continue to press seeds into the tray at a space of 2 inches apart.

Lightly spray the soil to moisten the top layer without making it wet. Place a clear plastic cover over the tray to increase the humidity level around the seeds. Place the tray in a warm location that receives indirect sunlight.

Monitor the seeds daily to prevent the medium from drying out. Gently mist the soil if necessary. Germination will occur in approximately two weeks.

Gently pull on the seeds to see if there is resistance from root growth. Transplant the seedlings once the seedlings are established to 4-inch plastic potting containers filled with seed-starting medium.

Mist the seedlings with water to moisten the soil and place the pots in a location that receives direct sunlight for at least six hours daily.

Harden the seedlings outdoors once there is no longer a danger of frost. Transplant the seedlings outdoors in a location that offers morning sunlight with light afternoon shade and a well-draining soil.


The leg of an old pair of pantyhose works well for a netting bag.

Mix your own seed starting medium by combine equal quantities of peat moss, course gardener’s sand and perlite.

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