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How to Adjust a Rain Bird Sprinkler Head

Adjusting a Rain Bird Sprinkler head is a simple operation that requires only one tool. Proper adjustment and maintenance will ensure years of trouble-free service from your Rain Bird Sprinkler. The spray pattern ranges from 40 degrees to 360 degrees and default settings from the factory are generally set at a 180-degree spray pattern. In addition to adjusting the spray pattern, you can also adjust the spray distance.

Find the fixed left edge of the spray pattern, which is the point where your spray pattern will start. Turn the water on and rotate the sprinkler head to the right until it stops rotating, and then to the left. You have now determined the location of the fixed left edge.

Unscrew the cap from the top of the sprinkler head, called the rotor, and adjust it to set the starting point of the spray pattern. Replace the cap on the rotor.

Locate the spray-pattern adjustment screw on the top of the sprinkler head, which is toward the outside perimeter on the bottom of the rotor cap. There is also another screw located on the top of the cap, but that one is to adjust the distance of the spray pattern. Adjust the spray pattern of your Rain Bird sprinkler head using a flathead screw driver. By rotating the screw to the right, you will increase the spray pattern, and by turning the screw to the left, you will decrease the arc of the spray pattern. You can adjust the arc of the spray pattern anywhere from 40 degrees to 360 degrees. This adjustment may be performed with the water on or off.

Adjust the spray distance. Locate the screw on top of the rotor cap. Using a flathead screwdriver, turning the screw left to increase the spray distance or to the right to decrease the spray distance. A 25-percent adjustment is possible. You can perform these adjustments while the water is turned on or off.

Screw the top cap back on the sprinkler head. Inspect all sprinkler heads to make sure they are free of debris and operate smoothly.


Make sure that all nozzles retract flush with the ground surface before you mow your grass. Inspect and check for gravel, grass or other obstructions that could prevent the sprinkler from retracting correctly.


When adjusting the spray pattern, turn the screw only in the direction the rotor head is turning. Turning the screw in the opposite direction may damage your rotor and strip the gears.

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